About Us

Made with love from the heard for Ante Yaa - Irene

Our Story

Our Founder, Irene Adwoa Bekoe has used natural unrefined shea butter from Ghana her entire life. Her mother, Ante Yaa, first introduced her to the ancient beauty secret of shea butter. Irene regularly watched her aunties, sister and community use this unique ingredient, offering some truly incomparable moisturizing properties.

How We Started

Ante Yaa would always retrieve shea butter directly from Ghana for her family to use. When shea butter from Ghana wasn’t readily available, Irene turned her search to local stores. But Irene grew weary of many shea butter brands she found. “The scent, smell and texture of the shea butter was not what I was used to. I knew the quality of shea butter available in North America had to change.” That Good Good Shea was born, and the company was founded in 2021.

Ante Yaa

Ante Yaa was a woman who gave abundant love to her family, friends and everyone she crossed paths with. Her dedication to motherhood was unwavering. Ante Yaa knew her worth, was selfless, and would expect nothing but the best for others. She was always there to give a helping hand, to listen, and provide support and encouragement to others. That Good Good Shea’s uniquely natural products have been made with all the qualities embodied by Ante Yaa, crafted in her memory to honour our Ghanaian Heritage.

That Good Good Shea serves as a gift of Love from Ante Yaa for everyone who comes across our products. “My heritage is Ghana. I know it, feel it and I am connected to it. My love for the land and the people led me here.” The memories of Ghana can be found in That Good Good Shea.

Meet our Founder

Founder and CEO, Irene Adwoa Bekoe is the creative visionary behind That Good Good Shea. Her Ghanaian-Canadian beauty brand is inspired to educate the world on the richness of the natural ingredients she grew up using. With nearly 20 years of education and teaching experience, Irene has worked her entire career with elementary and middle school students. She has exposed her students to lessons on critical thinking, problem solving, self-care, innovation and entrepreneurship. She has made it a priority to ensure students are able to connect the information learned in class to the real world. She is now applying what she has taught her students. That Good Good Shea wouldn't have been possible if not for her career as an educator and sharing the true and sacred beauty traditions of Ghanaian shea butter with the world.