That Good Good Shea's Commitment

25% of a girl's education in some areas of Ghana is disrupted due to missed school because of lack of access to menstrual pads each month. Your purchase helps to give girls access to menstrual pads so they can attend school.

Here’s how: Your purchase helps to provide 1 pack of pads, for 1 girl, each month at a school.


Understand your Impact

Menstruation often prevents girls from attending school because of pain, discomfort, and fear of mockery. School attendance could be improved with the use of menstrual pads. However, many girls and their families have difficulty accessing these products due to their high costs.

Our Process

1. Your purchase helps girls attend school
By purchasing our products, you contribute to providing menstrual pads to girls in need, allowing them to manage their periods effectively and attend school without barriers.

2. How you can support our mission
You can support our mission by purchasing our products, spreading awareness about menstrual barriers, and partnering with us to empower girls' education.

3. The area we serve
Currently, we focus on providing menstrual pad support to communities in Ghana.

Our Impact

Since our launch of That Good Good Shea’s Education initiative in 2024, we have provided menstrual pads to 90 girls in Ghana.