Natural Shea Butter

That Good Good Shea was born to answer all your skin care needs. Our products are made with the finest quality of simple ingredients that leave your skin nourished, glowing and renewed. Made from our heritage in Ghana for you.

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We NO best

NO phthalates. NO parabens. NO sulfates. NO toxins. NO animal cruelty. NO adulterants. NO waste. NO dyes. NO artificial colors. NO harsh ingredients. Just shea.

No one NOs better than we do.

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  • Smells so good

    That Good Good Shea butter has quickly become my fave skincare product for moisturizing my skin and hair. The shea scrub and butter smells so good and is absorbed into my skin without an oily residue and my skin is glowing all day long.


  • This product has changed my skin completely

    I have suffered with extremely dry skin for most of my life, this product has changed my skin completely!!! Thank you for creating a shea butter that I can use as a part of my daily routine 🙏🏽


  • Premium and pure

    I like the texture of this shea buttter. It's actually very very good. I can tell this is made with some really good nuts. It's very unique, premium and pure.


  • Doesn't feel heavy or greasy

    I absolutely love the shea butter products. They all feel amazing upon application. Goes on smoothly, and absorbs well into the skin. Bonus for being all natural and vegan friendly too as we always try to buy all natural products. I appreciate that it doesn't feel heavy or greasy, like many shea butters I have tried over the years.


  • I go days without make up

    Love, love, this shea butter. I can’t get over how nice it makes my skin feel. I go days now without make up and my skin is very smooth and nourished. So for over a few months I’m very pleased with my glowing skin. I am a very happy customer.


  • Glowing all day

    I have used this shea butter and the results are so amazing and impeccable. I use these products every night before bed time and in the morning and feel so amazing all day. I would recommend these products on people with dry skin and especially in winter time and summer time because you stay and remain glowing all day.


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